Our Raves

“Love Yoga, love Anita and the best thing that has come into my life in the past 3 years! Thank you!”

“Anita, I am very happy I found your class – I have enjoyed each and every one I have participated in and look forward to many more and being able to fly! Our community is lucky to have you and I thank you for your yardwork and dedication to helping others become all that we can be through yoga.”

“Great instructor! Felt very at home.”

“Instructor is excellent!”

“I am sure quite a few people feel like this; but for me; I truly feel my life has changed since finding Sine Qua Non Yoga and I thank God for leading me to that little door! From the first day I walked in, I felt comfortable, I felt welcomed, and I felt like I was part of something that was truly special and that feeling has grown over time. These ladies are probably people whose paths I wouldn’t have crossed without Sine Qua Non Yoga and yet I can’t imagine my life without them….to me that speaks VOLUMES!

My practice has grown by leaps and bounds and I am thrilled with the progress I have made, both on and off my beautiful Sunshine Yellow Jade mat. I feel better than I ever have – I feel STRONG; both physically and mentally and that’s a good feeling. Mastering a pose or being challenged by learning a new pose and feeling good about it, is for me like running a race and winning it. The sense of accomplishment when finishing a tough yoga practice is something I look forward to every time I climb those stairs at Sine Qua Non Yoga.

I feel at 49 I have finally learned to accept myself and others decisions and to let the rest go. If I take care of myself, the rest will all fall into place. I love how we are all comfortable asking questions and sharing thoughts and feeling in class and cheer one another on when someone has an “aha moment” or how we pick someone up when they are sad….it’s a community and one that I am so very happy and proud to be a part of.

One of my favorite quotes –

“Yoga is not about touching your toes it is what you learn on the way down.”

Thank you Anita for being our teacher and our friend. “ -Lora Henze, Glenwood, IA

“I have taken yoga classes from various studios intermittently for almost 20 years now and Anita’s Sine Qua Non Yoga class has topped them all. She is very sure to include every level and make sure that everyone receives proper instruction in order to avoid injury. I will never forget the time I took her class the day after I had run a marathon. Normally, my hip pain from a marathon would last several days, but after the class, I had no pain whatsoever. Anita incorporates mindfulness and teaches all facets of yoga, not just the fitness aspect. The studio is cozy and beautiful, especially during candlelight practice in the evenings. I am impressed with Anita’s knowledge, ability, and humble attitude towards incorporating suggestions from her students. This is an exceptional place for yogis of all levels!

P.S. I really love Anita’s thoughtful, intelligent posts on the Sine Qua Non Facebook page. I always find something interesting and thought-provoking in her writing. ”
-Krystal Wyatt, Auditor, Glenwood, IA

“The thing I love about practicing yoga at Sine Qua Non is that there’s absolutely no pretentiousness or “snobbery” going on in these classes. The atmosphere is very genuine and open, and laughter is no stranger to these classes! Anita is so great about meeting everyone where they are in their practice and making sure that they get what they *personally* need out of each session (even in group classes!). I love that I always feel free to ask questions about poses that I feel I may not be “getting,” and Anita always takes the time to make sure that her answers are always fully understood before moving on to the next thing. In short, I always feel that my body and spirit are well cared for at Sine Qua Non Yoga and I’ve been given tools to take that state of well-being into my daily life outside the studio, too! ”
-Alanna Reeves, Actor/Teaching Artist, Plattsmouth, NE

“Anita is an amazing yoga instructor. She has a great deal of knowledge about both the physical and philosophical sides of yoga.

I have attended both her Saturday morning All-Levels Hatha class and her Monday evening Yin class, and I always come away feeling refreshed.

I appreciate the fact that she truly has all levels of yogis in her class, from people who cannot touch their toes to people who can (literally) do the splits. It makes people feel more comfortable knowing they are able to practice at their own level.

I also truly appreciate the fact that she offers classes in the mid-evening. With Glenwood being a bedroom community, many people may not be in town until mid-evening, which makes her classes easy for people to attend.” -Daisy Hutzell-Roadman, Glenwood, IA